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Designed to safeguard dApps & DeFi protocols from all major security risks within the Web3 environment.

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Defend Your Web3 Future:
Block Alerts Sentinel Services

More often than not, attacks on smart contracts are customised, strategic, and non-static; Block Alerts is a holistic suite of tools that protect your protocol by developing a tailor-made security strategy for you, built up of our host of services.


BlockAlerts: Threat Monitoring and Incident Response 

BlockAlerts leads blockchain security, with advanced threat monitoring and incident response. It identifies suspicious activities in real-time, using cutting-edge tech for rapid risk mitigation. Ideal for projects guarding against unexpected threats.


BlockScan: Continuous Vulnerability Scanning 

BlockScan provides precise and swift scanning of smart contracts and code changes, detecting vulnerabilities with AI-driven technology. Crucial for fortifying blockchain apps and ensuring Web3 security.


BlockBounty: On-Chain Bug Bounty Disclosure 

BlockBounty merges bug bounties with blockchain, fostering ethical hacker collaboration. Smart contracts handle rewards, enhancing transparency for securing protocols and contracts.


Block Risk: mitigating economic risks

Block Risk offers AI-driven insights on parameter settings, economic analysis, and risk assessment to optimize performance and safeguard against vulnerabilities, ensuring robust economic stability and informed decision-making.


BlockDefender: Brand Protection and Scam Mitigation 

BlockDefender safeguards digital assets and brand integrity by combating frauds like fake websites and social media scams. With monitoring, detection, and takedown services, it's vital for maintaining trust in the Web3 realm.


BlockGuardian: Elite Comprehensive Security Audits and Monitoring 

BlockGuardian excels in cybersecurity, with ethical hackers and certifications like OSCP, CREST, CEH. Specializing in smart contracts and more, they ensure top-notch security for Web3.

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Block Alerts provides next-gen Web3 security solutions with continous on-chain treat monitoring and incident response, settings new standards. Offering holistic solutions, it empowers projects to navigate the digital age with confidence.